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The Role of Data in Writing Evaluation Reports: What’s the Story?

| Webinar

This webinar focused on the role of qualitative data in telling the story of AGEP Alliances and their evaluations. Evaluators from two AGEP Alliances shared their experience and perspectives on this topic: Angelicque Tucker Blackmon (AGEP HBU PATHs) and Anne Nordberg, Stephen Mattingly and Rebecca Mauldin (AGEP STRIDES).  

Implementing Culturally Responsive and Social Justice Evaluations Webinar

| Webinar

This evaluator-only webinar focused on Culturally Responsive Evaluation. This article was highlighted by one of the meeting attendees as providing useful perspective: Broadening participation in the engineering professoriate: Influences on Allen’s journey in developing professional intentions by Brian A. Burt.

Exploring Ways to Evaluate Collaborations and Partnerships with Dr. Kim Kelly

| Webinar

This webinar, featured AGEP Evaluation Community Member, Dr. Kim Kelly, explore ways to evaluate collaborations and partnerships. This webinar included opportunities for participatory discussion from attendees. Access the article referenced in the presentation Evaluating Organizational Collaboration: Suggested Entry Points and Strategies by Woodland & Hutton.  

Evaluations Plans and Logic Models, Part 2

| Webinar

This webinar is a follow-up from the June 2020 webinar. Presenters included Robbie Matz, California HSI Alliance; Molly Stuhlsatz, AGEP Engineering Alliance; and Jack Mills, Pacific Northwest Alliance for American Indians and Native Alaskans, who shared their experiences using logic models as a tool to align alliance and evaluation goals.